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DLB4173 DLB4920 DLB4942 DLB5037 DLB5065 DLB 4785 dons 21.05.12 004



PTO can be fitted on either side or both  with the options of pump drive or prop shaft driven, used on Jet wash gulley sucking, generators and other specifications.










DLB4928, DLB4943, DLB4944, DLB4945, DLB4949                                                    

DLB4863, DLB4968, DLB4970, DLB4973, DLB4990                                            

DLB4684, DLB4970, DLB4973, DLB4990, DLB4998                                              

DLB4688, DLB5025, DLB5030, DLB5037,DLB5039                                             

DLB4689, DLB5041, DLB5042, DLB5046, DLB5055                                             

DLB4690, DLB5065, DLB5110, DLB5117, DLB4727                                     

DLB4795, DLB4840, DLB4868, DLB4873, DLB4890                                      

DLB4774, DLB4783, DLB4785, DLB4789, DLB4790

DLB4907, DLB4910, DLB4911, DLB4928, DLB4929









DLB4776TDEE, DLB4776TDEE, DLB4173016FF                     

DLB4811DDDD,  DLB4818CEE ,  DLB4819DAEE                                   





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