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IMG_3318  Webster Parts                     Tel 6040 Webster Parts         This transmission box fits onto a Terex Ta400 Articulated Dump Truck. Transmission box. We recondition these units.  
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3                  SC447001016D Webster Parts This PTO fits is suitable for Gulley sucking, Jet Wash applications etc. With in built clutch plates air operated to engage and disengage the PTO allows you to operate the vehicle whilst moving. The gearbox this unit fits is a Iveco 2870.9. There More Info »
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MC482101011D MC463611061A MC475401011D

IMG_2252                    MC482101011D MC463611061A MC475401011D Webster Parts This PTO  is used on Gulley suckers, Jetting applications, waste disposal equipment with in built clutch plates, allowing you to engage the PTO without dipping the clutch. PTO can be operated when vehicle is moving.  
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LC501001016D PTO Clutch PackLink for further information.             Leyshaft clutch pto for prop shaft driven. This pto can be operated when the vehicle is moving. To operate just apply air this then engages the clutch plates which powers the system. The advantages in using this method are immense, there is no need to dip the More Info »
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HC450401016D PTO

MD3066P 004HC450401016D PTO Link for more information.
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Gear pump.

dons 02.05.12 027Link for more information.
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E4006030921A E4006040421A E4006010121D

IMG_2388                    E4006030921A E4006040421A E4006010121D Webster Parts This PTO comes is available with several different out put options, 2 bolt, 3 bolt 4 bolt and prop shaft, and is fitted to ZF S-42 Gear box.  
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DLW407123EGG DLW379323EGG DLW407223EGG DLW408123EGG

IMG_2449                    DLW407123EGG  DLW379323EGG  DLW407223EGG  DLW408123EGG Webster Parts Drive Line transfer box  typically used on Fire engine applications DLW407323egg. This unit is supplied in several different ratios.
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